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7 February 2013 - gay savoir

In response to an article by David Stuart from Antidote in the UK gay paper Pink News on the preponderant use of drugs and alcohol among gay men, I left the following comment:

*Thinking outside of the box: a freudian-lacanian psychoanalytical approach to frame these issues may be of interest. One of the current Lacanian working themes is ‘The Symbolic Order in the 21st Century’. In other words, what is there nowadays to contain or slow down the death drive, and its companion imperative to ‘enjoy more!’ produced by the discourse of capitalism. When it is perceived that there is nowt, all that is left is a direct access to the object (of enjoyment), with the belief that there is no need for negotiations and arrangements. The experience itself becomes the goal, rather than the elaboration of the experience. There is also, in the case of male homosexuals, the issue of dealing with the discontinuity of sexual pleasure. It seems that too often, the drugs used for sex have the function of denying the limits of the male body and trying to go beyond them. This of course does not work and fuels a cycle of guilt, covered up by the use of more drugs.*

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