keep your mean dreary views out of my life

15 April 2012 - perso psychanalyse

indeed and power to david hockney for making his concerns public - smoking certainly had nothing to do with the footballer fabrice muamba heart attack, nor with the death of another footballer, piermario morosini, from a heart attack during a match – 2 very fit young men dying while practising sport – an activity suposed to keep you fit – now u cannot blame a minister for not having read freud – however you can blame said minister for not wanting to listen – there is something called the desire for death – or the loss of the desire to go on living – there is also something called the enjoyment (jouissance in french) of imposing and stuffing your views on and into other people – a kind of pleasure not dissimilar to a sadistic practice – given the ferocity of british health minister lansley’s superego we should not be surprised if we saw more young and fit people suddenly collapsing and dying – the drive has to go somewhere – if it is not on smoking it will be on something else – besides no branding or design on cigarette packets will become the new design chic – but i have an idea – why doesn’t the health minister uses his influence to persuade the feral bankers to stop messing about with the economy? that would be a real life saver!

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