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wordpress white page admin symptom

19 January 2011 - WordPress

2 of my sites recently suffered from the infamous admin white page symptom. you login and instead of being taken to your admin dashboard, you are taken to a pure white page with (almost) nothing on it. in my case, the clue was in the display in small size, in the upper left hand corner of the browser’s window, of the following 3 characters:  ï»¿.

searching the WordPress forums provided the usual clues: disable the plugins folder (via ftp) as well as the current theme. no result.  a fresh reload of wordpress itself. no result.

but in reply to my cry for help, keesiemeijer, a good and knowledgeable soul said 2 things:

1)a white page is typically a php issue.

2)those 3 strange characters had very likely to do with the encoding settings of the text editor with which the files were originally produced or modified.

so i got onto my notepad++, check the encoding settings of my theme files, and they turned out to be mostly UTF-8 and UTF-8 WITHOUT BOM, where actually they should have ALL been UTF-8 WITHOUT BOM.  This particular mixture gives php a headache, resulting in “not tonight dear”.

A lesson for all of us here: endeavour do the correct thing, and be consistent while doing it.

See here for an explanation of UTF-8 WITHOUT BOM.

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