24 June 2010 - musik muzikologi

composition en 2 parties à éxécution aléatoire – retrouver le sens d’avant le sens – en évoquant le signifiant dans sa matérialité – donc hors-sens et hors-temps – pour un aperçu de jouissance et un petit tour du côté de ces sources psychiques plus profondes dont parle Freud.

part 1: the numbers of Babel

Consists of numbers in their Arabic form, to be sung-spoken (or Sprechgesang as defined by Arnold Schoenberg in his Pierrot Lunaire) by a group of performers, in each performer’s native tongue.

The vertical axis represents pitch, the realisation of which is left to each individual performer. The zero axis origin may be considered to be at the top or the bottom.

The horizontal axis represents the time axis. Its zero origin is on the left. It will be up to the performers and the conductor to decide for the value of each division, whether it be bars or seconds or even minutes, or a mixture of any possible values. Each performer is free to ‘sing-speak’ the number(s) of each division at any time within the time segment allocated to it, and for any length of time, but not greater than that of the time segment it belongs to.

The size of the letters represents the dynamics, and it will be for each performer to decide what dynamics to give to any of the letter sizes. Each performer will have an individualised printout of this example score.

The role of the conductor will be exclusively restricted to time synchronisation or time coordination. He must not in any way show his own preferences. He will also be responsible for training the performers in the ‘sung-spoken’ technique. No special music skills are required for a performer to participate to the rendering of this work, except being able to read Arabic numerals.

There should be a wide linguistic diversity among the performers so as to maximise the Babel effect of this piece.

The affirmation of each of the participant’s subjectivity will manifest itself through the value they will give to the quantification of each of the parameters of the score, at any one time.

part 2:  the letters of Babel

A variation of the above, using letters.

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