rebirth rb-338

25 April 2010 - musik muzikologi

remember this? before the days of vst instrument plugins – before the days of fruity loops – when sequencers could only handle midi data and a 90Mhz pentium was considered high tech – 2 tb 303s with proper resonant filters – 1 tr 808 with a killer hihat + 1 tr 909 with a killer bd + a killer pattern controlled filter unit – later supplemented by the rewire internal link – stockhausen ate his hat – everybody wanted one – everybody had one – legit or liberated by radium – the most famous warez group of the 90’s   – it’s now considered a museum piece – i’ve dusted it off from my archives and installed it on my dual core comp – couldn’t remember how to make it work so had to rtfm – was up and running within 10mns!!!

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