17 January 2010 - fotografi

jean genet once said that it was by having sex with Arabic lads that he discovered the Algerian issue.

it is by having sex with chav (also known as scally) lads that I realised what the hatred of Chavs is about.

they are the Big Other, that wall on which our incomprehension of life hits upon at every turn. they mobilise our own internal violence and longing to return to the original state, inanimation. it is in them that we localise our jouissance of the discontent of civilisation.

chavs and Scallies are therefore the road to the ultimate castration, and hence salvation, Death.  as such, they are taboo and are treated the way all taboo people are treated, by being excluded lest they could contaminate us. as another mode of  jouissance, they are at any rate suspects.

these works are the result of a fling with a lad from manchester in 2009, and took place very spontaneously. the background texts are all from the bible, and relate to father & son, or parents & children relationships.

you should imagine these works in giant poster size for full effect.

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