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ignorance is a passion-the movie

15 March 2016 - muzikologi psychanalyse

Within a short historical timeline, Copernicus throws the Earth away from the centre of the universe, Darwin writes that we are the mere product of chance genetic mutations, Sigmund Freud shows that there is knowledge which is not known, and Jacques Lacan teaches that Dasein is made of language.

As a result, critical and research tools have become richer: metaphor, metonymy, sublimation, discourse of the capitalist, unconscious, feminine position, jouissance, real, symbolic and pleasure principle are just a few examples.

How can musicologists, composers and musicians make use of those new categories as part of their creative strategies?

Hints: music is a dream, composing is a Lustgewinn, and Walther von Stolzing did not win the X-Factor.

Thanks to Dr. Geoff Baker, Richard Dumbrill, Julia Evans, Petros Patounas, John Lucy.

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