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A Message To Gay Syrians In Exodus

22 October 2015 - gay savoir Non classé

Among the Syrians fleeing the fighting and bombing in their country, and hoping to relocate in one of the European Union countries, they will be some gay men and women.

You should know that within the E.U.:

-It’s ok to be gay, and it’s ok to be out.

-It’s ok to go to gay bars or clubs to meet other gays.

-It’s ok to express tenderness towards your boyfriend/girlfriend in public.

-You are protected by law from any form of discrimination, including in the work place.

-You can have access to FREE and CONFIDENTIAL sexual health care, at a doctor clinic or at an hospital. Therefore you will not have any problem disclosing your sexual orientation to a doctor or nurse. You will not be judged, and you certainly will not be refused medical assistance, should you need it.

-Western homosexuality, and in particular Western male homosexuality, is probably different in its forms to what you may have so far experienced in Syria. Do not feel too shocked, and try not to be judgemental.

-It is very likely that in your country of adoption, there will be a LGBT organisation where you can get further advice. Search on Google, and do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

Good luck!!!

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