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traumdeutung cartel-session 1

17 September 2015 - psychanalyse

Traumdeutung Cartel, 7 September 2015 session.

Started by reading the text from the end, doing a kind of reverse engineering, in order to work out why “Dreams are the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind” (This may be a pointer to Lacan’s Truth, Knowledge, Love).


Because the censorship is weakened, the productions of the Unc. go through directly. Also, access to motility (by Unc.) is cut off.

In that respect, Freud devotes a whole page to explain that psychosis is the result of a pathologically weakened censorship.


-access to motility being cut off means libido is withdrawn from the body

-the same would apply to a weakened censorship

So, my question is where does libido goes?

Since in a later paper Freud will theorise the Unc. as the reservoir of libido, the withdrawn libido can only go back into the Unc. This leads me to theorise that dreams are the product of a hyper-cathexed Unc, an Unc. in overdrive.

Possible connection to a strange remark from Lacan about the analysand and the couch:

Ce que je voulais dire, c’était que dans l’analyse, c’est la personne qui vient vraiment former une demande d’analyse, qui travaille. À condition que vous ne l’ayez pas mise tout de suite sur le divan, auquel cas c’est foutu. Il est indispensable que cette demande ait vraiment pris forme avant que vous la fassiez étendre. (Conférence à Genève sur le Symptôme, octobre 1975) – English version available on Lacanian Works.

Freud remarks that the lying down on the couch is close to the sleeping position, therefore relaxing the body’s tonus, therefore relaxing the censorship. My elaboration: If initially the couch is to be avoided, it is to force a raise in the levels of expenditure of psychical energy, in order for an analysand to formulate more precisely his reasons for being there, to put in place an uphill struggle against libido, so that the masks start to crumble.

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