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the tinnitus cop

20 August 2015 - psychanalyse

To hear or not to hear, that is the question.

A Staffordshire copper is threatening to sue a gay nightclub in Stoke onTrent after claiming his hearing was damaged by a burglar alarm. PC Darren Belford was responding to a suspected breakin at a club called Gossip which he says caused him to suffer tinnitus and hearing loss because the alarm was set to an ‘unsafe level’.

Hunky PC Belford, who sports a Sons Of Anarchy style tattoo across his chest and looks as if he could get a job as an exotic dancer at the club, has instructed lawyers to pursue a case for damages. Full article here.

The facts appear frivolous and irrational. Yet, thanks to Freud, we know that the irrational has an underlying logic, i.e. an underlying jouissance, singular to a subject, although he will initially claim not to know anything about it. After all, ignorance is a passion.

In this particular story, the elements which seem to me to stand out forming a constellation are: Hearing, Loss of hearing, Sound alarm, Gay, Gossip, Tinnitus, Unsafe.

Let’s say that the inverted message which came back to him on the question of his own sexual jouissance was not to his liking.

Thanks to a medium friend of mine, I was able to get in touch with the spirit of Karl Abraham, who told me this:

The so-called “seeking for pension” of many men injured in the war is as little explained by means of the current ideas on the matter as the symptoms of the neurosis. This also stands in connection with the alterations of the sexual hunger (libido), just as do the neurotic symptoms. The patient only apparently fights for compensation for the stiffened wrist, for the shot-off finger, for his neurotic trouble. It is quite overlooked as a rule that the neurotic inwardly perceives the alteration which has taken place as regards his sexual hunger (libido). He is filled with the feeling of an enormous injury. And he is so far right when he actually has suffered loss from his capability for transference of his sexual hunger (libido) and therewith an important basis of the belief in himself.

A man injured by an accident before the war once told me that he had come to an agreement with his insurance company for a definite compensation. Hardly had this occurred when the thought came to him that this sum did not even remotely cover his actual injury. Henceforth the sum which according to his idea he ought to have claimed rapidly rose to an enormous amount. The pension compensates only for the diminution of the capacity for earning a livelihood, so far as this is objectively demonstrable, not for that which the patient subjectively feels; he cannot be compensated for his reduced capacity for object-love.

Narcissism also explains here the conduct of the patients. Where previously the capability of surrender (in every sense of the word) existed, now the narcissistic avarice dominates. The genital zone has lost its predominance; anal elitism is strengthened. It is clear that the state pension favours the development of the character traits described; this only takes place, however, when the tendency already exists in the injured person to react unrealistically to an external injury to his integrity.

(From: Symposium on Psychoanalysis and The War Neuroses, held at the Fifth International Psycho-Analytical Congress, Budapest, September 1918, in The International Psycho-Analytical Library, No 2, Ed. Ernest Jones, 1921).

It would seem that the cop’s mirror image got punctured, hence his demand for compensation. Because the club was empty, perhaps? So, Mister Cop, how much? Village People might be able to help.

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