the speaking body

8 July 2015 - psychanalyse

pierre naveau gave a lecture on the speaking body at a session of the ls-nls on 27 Juy 2015, in london, uk. below are my notes and elaboration.

-To paraphrase Miss de Beauvoir: You are not born a man, you become one. Addendum: providing other men recognise you as such. Which brings the question: how does a man acts out his what Freud initially called “androphilic current”?

-How to be be attracted to a woman who does not speak? Here, “speak” should be taken in a more general sense, not a literal one. There can be problems when the maternal Other is not able to reflect back to her son something of his function as a man, and indicate to him the signifiers of his body through which he could jouir. These indications function as Names-of-the-Father, and regulate Jouissance. They prepare the ground for the formulation of an independent desire, away from the field of the Maternal Other, and orientated towards an external object.

-If male impotence results from an identification with the partner, then that partner remains the other of incest. He has not been able to re-find his lost object, or has not completely lost it. Or he is refusing to give away his jouissance, lest he’d lose his masculine position, which he may never have had to start with.

-The symptom from someone else’s symptom.

-Jouissance of deprival is the mode of jouissance of the hysteric, i.e. a will to of castration. Loves the castrated master. Identification with the signifier of castration. Identification with whom he refuses to incarnate. he turns something silent into something talkative. he suffers from reminiscences.

-Dora escapes from the grasp of the fantasy of the other. Her body says NO WAY. There is a jouissance of not-filled-in, of the hole (Something I had emphasised in an old cartel presentation I did way back). As such, she has no body. That’s why she concentrates so much on the whiteness of Mrs K.’s body.

-In her monologue, Molly speaks of herself as symptom. It may be beneficial to re-read that monologue. A symptom always speaks, it is a replacement for what cannot be said in any other manner.


Male heterosexual impotence is on the increase (with no organic causes), most especially among young men (18-30). I am at the moment trying to transpose the neurobiological framework given to this (addiction to dopamine) into the Freudian-Lacanian text.

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