22 December 2014 - musik

a series of ascending & descending diatonic scales cycles (in Equally Tempered tuning)-each cycle has the length of a prime number thus creating aperiodicity-resulting in handsome dissonances-which as Schoenberg used to say-are remote consonances-

made with Kontakt-loaded with the default & Lass 2 & Orchestral Essentials strings libraries-using the mod wheel mapped onto the midi expression parameter enabling diminuendos or crescendos on sustained notes-mastered with izotope ozone 5-no compression used-it kills the strings-just a limiter instead-fusionfield reverb used on the strings-masterverb reverb used on the winds.

the video is eye candy-my eye candy

as usual listen to this on a decent sound system-or on decent headphones-merci-

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