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Iconea Seminar-24 Oct 2012

Wed 24 October 2012, 17:00-18:30 Iconea Seminar: Bruno de Florence “On modality and the real of the body” Room G21a (Ground Floor) Institute of Musical Research…

October 2012


lacan conçoit l’entendement comme une logique à 3 temps – ce modèle (animation en Flash) peut servir à décrire toute situation où l’entendement est impliqué,…

July 2012

French context of Autism in relation to Leo Kanner’s 1943 medical formulation of Autism

This article is the written transcription of a presentation given at the 30 June 2012 London Society of the New Lacanian School seminar on Autism….

July 2012

lacan seminar 7 reading group

a reading group in london on lacan’s seminar 7 – the ethics of psychoanalysis. The idea for the Lacan Reading Group stems from an initial…

July 2012

LS-NLS day on autism

The London Society of the New Lacanian School London Society Seminar-Psychoanalysis and Autism *** Saturday 30th June 2012*2-6pm  *** Betty Bertrand-Godfrey (Chair): Introduction to the…

June 2012

Iconea Seminar-23 May 2012

ICONEA (Near and Middle Eastern archaeomusicology) seminar Bruno de Florence: To hear. To be heard. To make oneself heard: The function of the ear as…

May 2012

merleau-ponty and sartre

this is the PDF of an unpublished paper(in french) by F. Caeymaex, explaining the political and philosophical differences which led to the rupture between merleau-ponty…

May 2012

keep your mean dreary views out of my life

indeed and power to david hockney for making his concerns public – smoking certainly had nothing to do with the footballer fabrice muamba heart attack,…

April 2012

autisme et packing

on trouvera sur le site de michel balat 2 documentaires videos sur la technique du packing telle qu’elle est utilisée pour le traitement de l’autisme…

March 2012

invention de l’autisme

voici une copie de l’article (en anglais) dans lequel l’autisme fut formulé scientifiquement pour la première fois, en 1943, par leo kanner. On pourra ensuite…

February 2012

Iconea Seminar-29 Feb 2012

Richard Dumbrill/Bruno de Florence: The Pythagorean conspiracy and the contingency of arithmetics and geometrics in the theory of music. Wednesday 29 February 2012. (Stewart House,…

February 2012

iconea seminar-1 february 2012

As part of the ICONEA seminar series hosted by the Institute of Musical Research, I shall be giving a presentation on: Between Freudian libido and…

January 2012