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hello and goodbye

The Lacan Seminar 7 Reading Group came to a natural end, on 5th July 2014, in the middle of the 8 June 1960 session. Such…

July 2014

interrogating freud and lacan

a 7 sessions workshop – september 2014 to july 2015 – run by julia evans and bruno de florence – see workshop flyer for details

June 2014

The Letter and the Flute

a 2 part seminar On the Ascesis of the Psychoanalyst 5th July  2014-2:30pm Chair: Richard Klein Part 1: Petros Patounas-On the Verbification of the Subject of the…

June 2014

music and totemism-the video

a 5 part video of my seminar on music and totemism – to see each part, place your mouse on the top left corner of…

April 2014

the psychoanalytic act-part 2

Bruno de Florence paradoxes of psychoanalysis

February 2014

the psychoanalytic act-part 1

Petros Patounas the breath which cannot be said  

February 2014


i can’t get no satisfaction – just as well – init!

August 2013

das opfer

Coincidence or plagiarism? You decide, you decode. I had come across this video back in May 2011 on YouTube, and had used it in one…

August 2013

it’s not you stupid!

From Infant Analysis, Melanie Klein, in The International Psycho-Analytical Library, No 34, Hogarth Press, London, 1948. pp. 87-116. Now you know.  

July 2013

steinbeck and jouissance

This piece  of dialogue below is to be found in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, published in 1939. In the book, it is quite a…

July 2013

l’as-tu que je puisse t’en priver?

Lacan, séminaire 5, les formations de l’inconscient, séance 11 (1956-1957): “si l’homosexuel, dans toutes ses nuances, accorde une valeur prévalente à l’objet béni au point d’en…

November 2012

Iconea 2012 conference

As part of the Iconea conference 2012 (22, 23 & 24 November 2012), I shall be presenting the following paper: Shofar, Totemism and Voice: a…

November 2012