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trance me

made with compassion-dune-hdelay-masterverb-nexus-­renaissance axx

November 2012

nexus se-xus

made with cla-2a-dune-masterverb-nexus-stereodelay

November 2012

frak me

made with dune-masterverb-nexus-stylus-waves cla2a

November 2012

twink it up

made with dune, fabtwin volcano, masterverb, prologue, stylus, truverb, vanguard, waves cla-2a

November 2012


made with nexus, dune, waves api-2500, waves cla-2a, waves truverb

November 2012

bless the bass

basse + filtres resonnants + chants paysans

October 2012

bruits 13

les langues de babel

October 2012

flying boiz

je me suis pris pour rameau-avec des filtres resonnants-bricolés par mon ami mersenne-

October 2012


I was commissioned by Arthertz to do some original music for their latest film, GUSTAV, funded by the Arts Council England, and produced/directed by Dennis…

September 2012

bruits 11-yves klein

ready at last-the inspiration for this 1 changed while working on it-yves klein because i used the note D which is the tone in klein’s…

August 2012

bruits 12

12th in the bruits series – bruits 11 is almost finished – see bruits 1 for details

August 2012

bruits 10

6th in the bruits series – its title as bruits 10 is because my dyslexia took over – see bruits 1 for details

May 2012