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orlando-in memoriam

a lament i composed for all those affected by the orlando shootings-

June 2016

string series

String Series was composed and realised towards the end of 2014-beginning of 2015. It consists of 9 pieces: diatonika, doxa, kaos, jouissance, kromatika, okeanos, oblika,…

January 2015


la signification est toujours rétroactive-après coup comme disait freud-en voici la preuve-à partir de un coup de dès de mallarmé-je dois à mon neveux plein…

December 2014


a series of ascending & descending diatonic scales cycles (in Equally Tempered tuning)-each cycle has the length of a prime number thus creating aperiodicity-resulting in…

December 2014

dance that b…h

this is what happens when i get invited to a birthday do in a dance studio on a sunday – made with kontakt – orchestral…

April 2014

speed mach 2

how fast can u go? how slow can u go?

April 2014


For his new short film, the director, Dennis da Silva, required voice readings as well as actual music. We did all the reading recordings in…

April 2013

flying boiz-mix 2

made with dune-izotope-nexus-waves cla 2a

March 2013

musik divers 3

étude 2/5/6 fugue 1/2 promenade 1-7 reverie 6/7 ronds d’eaux stucke 9/10/12/15/16/18/19

March 2013

musik divers 2

come on honey urotunnel-original-mix 1 urotunnel-original-mix 2 urotunnel-ibiza-bdf o ciel oum kalsoum gregorian 1/2/3/4 daf-der reuber und der prinze vague à l’ame okinawa songs 3/4/5/6/7/9/11…

March 2013

musik divers 1

Africa 1/2/3 Reverie 3/4 Mirrors Purcell-Ah Belinda Bach-Badinerie Bach-Cantata Bach-ich ruf zu dir Bach-scmucke zu dir mozart-requiem-introit la valse t+t suite 1/2/3/4 apollinaire-sous le pont…

March 2013


Gustav, a poetic short film produced by Arthertz and for which I made the music, will be shown this year (2013) at the Cannes Film…

March 2013