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orlando-in memoriam

a lament i composed for all those affected by the orlando shootings-

June 2016

Hey microsoft

u got vista wrong. u got win 8 wrong. ur getting the skype retirement wrong too. it’s the consumer who knows what’s good for the…

July 2014

keep your mean dreary views out of my life

indeed and power to david hockney for making his concerns public – smoking certainly had nothing to do with the footballer fabrice muamba heart attack,…

April 2012


Émeutes étudiantes à Londres, toute l’après-midi, mercredi 10 novembre 2010. Au départ, une démonstration organisée par le syndicat des étudiants, regroupant environ 50000 étudiants de…

November 2010

video lounge

time to reclaim (one of) my crown(s) – in the article [intlink id=”279″ type=”post” target=”_self”]muddle instead of video[/intlink] i critise the approach to the video…

December 2009

NeTWork 21-the only ever london pirate tv

NeTWork 21 the tv – the only ever london pirate tv – a space in space – from a low power transmitter into your mind…

August 2009

program 6

NeTWork 21 program 6

August 1986

program 14

NeTWork 21 program 14

August 1986

program 12

NeTWork 21 program 12

August 1986

program 11

NeTWork 21 program 11

August 1986

program 10

NeTWork 21 program 10

August 1986

program 9

NeTWork21 program 9

August 1986