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les derniers

orlando-in memoriam

a lament i composed for all those affected by the orlando shootings-

June 2016
gay savoir musik perso

string series

String Series was composed and realised towards the end of 2014-beginning of 2015. It consists of 9 pieces: diatonika, doxa, kaos, jouissance, kromatika, okeanos, oblika,…

January 2015
musik muzikologi


la signification est toujours rétroactive-après coup comme disait freud-en voici la preuve-à partir de un coup de dès de mallarmé-je dois à mon neveux plein…

December 2014

the death row lad

inspired by jean genet’s poem le condamné à mort (english translation by mark spitzer) with a twinge of his chant d’amour film-how love is seen…

June 2016
gay savoir

ignorance is a passion-the movie

Within a short historical timeline, Copernicus throws the Earth away from the centre of the universe, Darwin writes that we are the mere product of…

March 2016
muzikologi psychanalyse

Iconea Seminar-Ignorance is a Passion

Iconea Seminar, IMR, 10 March 2016, 7-9pm, Room 261, Free Entrance!!! Bruno de Florence: Ignorance is a passion Within a short historical timeline, Copernicus throws…

January 2016
muzikologi psychanalyse

Syria us and the unheimlich

A recording of a conversation with Greg H. on Syria. We discuss the perception of the Syrians on the move as “hord/refugees/swarm/migrants” from Freud’s concept…

November 2015

complexity in psychoanalysis

An attempt at exploring complexity in psychoanalysis, inspired by a text from Yves Vanderveken (Signes discrets dans les psychoses ordinaires). Complexity became a driving concept…

October 2015


Just finished reading a biography of Google, with interviews from current employees and the 3 founders. Correlates with what I observed over the years, from…

October 2015

A Message To Gay Syrians In Exodus

Among the Syrians fleeing the fighting and bombing in their country, and hoping to relocate in one of the European Union countries, they will be…

October 2015
gay savoir Non classé

traumdeutung cartel-session 1

Traumdeutung Cartel, 7 September 2015 session. Started by reading the text from the end, doing a kind of reverse engineering, in order to work out…

September 2015

capitalism and the discontent of sexuation

An Australian company that designs men’s lingerie said they had to expand online to keep up with rising demand. HommeMystere designs sexy, tailor made male…

August 2015

the tinnitus cop

To hear or not to hear, that is the question. A Staffordshire copper is threatening to sue a gay nightclub in Stoke onTrent after claiming…

August 2015

Luther, Calvin and Merkel with Sade

SOME FACTS -The financial linchpin of the Euro-zone is Germany. -After WWII, Germany put in place a strict economic policy, inspired by American Neo-liberalism principles,…

August 2015