les derniers

string series

String Series was composed and realised towards the end of 2014-beginning of 2015. It consists of 9 pieces: diatonika, doxa, kaos, jouissance, kromatika, okeanos, oblika,…

January 2015
musik muzikologi


la signification est toujours rétroactive-après coup comme disait freud-en voici la preuve-à partir de un coup de dès de mallarmé-je dois à mon neveux plein…

December 2014

traumdeutung cartel-session 1

Traumdeutung Cartel, 7 September 2015 session. Started by reading the text from the end, doing a kind of reverse engineering, in order to work out…

September 2015

capitalism and the discontent of sexuation

An Australian company that designs men’s lingerie said they had to expand online to keep up with rising demand. HommeMystere designs sexy, tailor made male…

August 2015

the tinnitus cop

To hear or not to hear, that is the question. A Staffordshire copper is threatening to sue a gay nightclub in Stoke onTrent after claiming…

village people
August 2015

Luther, Calvin and Merkel with Sade

SOME FACTS -The financial linchpin of the Euro-zone is Germany. -After WWII, Germany put in place a strict economic policy, inspired by American Neo-liberalism principles,…

August 2015

IFL-the german pilot

a tentative hypothesis on the german pilot who crashed an A320 airbus pane in the alps in march 2015, from freud’s categories of ideal-ich &…

plane crash
July 2015

the speaking body

pierre naveau gave a lecture on the speaking body at a session of the ls-nls on 27 Juy 2015, in london, uk. below are my…

pierre naveau
July 2015

iconea 2014 conference

Arithmetical Subjectivism or Unconscious Knowledge? Sonic Systems of the Ancient Near East and beyond. Are the sources for music theory, in the Ancient Near East,…

November 2014
muzikologi psychanalyse

music is a joke

as part of The School of the Freudian Letter‘s inaugural day in London (5 july 2014), i made a presentation on Freud’s paper on jokes…

music is a joke
July 2014

Hey microsoft

u got vista wrong. u got win 8 wrong. ur getting the skype retirement wrong too. it’s the consumer who knows what’s good for the…

July 2014

hello and goodbye

The Lacan Seminar 7 Reading Group came to a natural end, on 5th July 2014, in the middle of the 8 June 1960 session. Such…

July 2014