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music is a joke
music is a jokeas part of The School of the Freudian Letter‘s inaugural day in London (5 july 2014), i made a presentation ...
Hey microsoftu got vista wrong. u got win 8 wrong. ur getting the skype retirement wrong too. it’s the consumer who ...
hello and goodbyeThe Lacan Seminar 7 Reading Group came to a natural end, on 5th July 2014, in the middle of the ...
Iconea moves to OxfordIrving Finkel, Bruno de Florence and Richard Dumbrill announce that the ARAM SOCIETY for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, at the Oriental Institute ...
freud and lacan
interrogating freud and lacana 7 sessions workshop – september 2014 to july 2015 – run by julia evans and bruno de florence – ...
you be youprejudice – persecution – discrimination – if that’s you do not click here  
dance that b…hthis is what happens when i get invited to a birthday do in a dance studio on a sunday – ...
speed mach 2how fast can u go? how slow can u go?
music and totemism-the videoa 5 part video of my seminar on music and totemism – to see each part, place your mouse on ...
the psychoanalytic act-part 2Bruno de Florence paradoxes of psychoanalysis
the psychoanalytic act-part 1Petros Patounas the breath which cannot be said  
das ding
satisfactioni can’t get no satisfaction – just as well – init!